In Europe

In Europe

With the new EU customs code results from 2020 the procedure for centralised customs clearance of goods, according to which businesses will be able to release the customs declaration from the physical presence of the goods, semplifying customs activities, with economic advantages and resource optimization. The Office at which the customs declaration is lodged and that inwhich the goods are presented shall be obliged to exchange the necessary informations for the verification of the Customs Declaration and for the release of the goods. The permission for making the Declaration may be granted by the Customs authorities only to companies in possession of the status of authorised economic operator.

Masped Group has the necessary certifications in order to copewith this major change, offering customers the ability to clear from Italy goods physicallypresent in other parts of Europe.

At the same time it provides to European Union partners as a support in the territory about foreign customs clearance of goods present in Italy.

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Certificazione AEOC181455



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