VGM Solas

VGM Solas

Weighing containers in accordance with Solas law

On 1 July 2016 SOLAS regulations came into force that requires the weighing of containers before they are loaded on the ship. More precisely, it is an amendment in chapter VI of SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) for the transportation of cargo.

The amendment is supplemented by Guidelines prepared by theIMO and, at national level, by Ministerial Decree No 447/2016 andby circular # 125/2016. Like all legislation, the amendment pursues safety of navigation: the exact determination of the weight of the containers, it is indeed necessary for proper development of ship stability calculations.
SOLAS regulations, as noted, provides that the "shipper" ofMaster B/l should proceed with disclosure of VGM (Verified GrossMass) with 2 methods.


Method 1:

After packaging and sealing of container, the loader can weigh it or have it weigh by third parties.

Method 2:

The loader or a third party (out of Office) can weigh all the pieces up to load, lashing and packaging materials and add to these container tare weights.


Masped Group has its own VGM scale and can also manage the service on all the certified scales in the various boarding terminals.

Certificazione AEOC181455



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